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Subject: Family Friends - Chapter 1Here is the first chapter of my story. Please provide anonymity when you
publish this. My e-mail address is OK in the header, but my name must not
appear anywhere. Thanks.Standard disclaimer - legal b.s. - don't read this if you aren't supposed
to. Of course, if you weren't going to read it, you wouldn't be here in the
first place.This is my first attempt. Hope it's OK.Family Friends
CHAPTER ONE - IntroductionThe Riggle's and the Browns had known each other for several years. In
fact, they had lived within half a mile of each other for five years, and
had attended the same church for seven.Steven and Janet Riggle's considered Bob and Ann Brown to be their best
friends and vice versa. Janet and Ann owned a floral shop together while
Steve was an accountant and Bob an attorney. Steve did the bookkeeping and
tax returns and Bob made sure the legal issues were well covered.While their careers kept them all busy including many Saturdays, they had
always made time for themselves, their children and one another. The
Riggle's owned a nice two story home on a two acre lot with a nice size
swimming pool and spa out back. Even though their nearest neighbors were
almost half a mile away, they had enclosed the pool area with a privacy
fence which was itself practically hidden by Photinia shrubs. Their
fraternal twins had bedrooms upstairs which shared a common bathroom set
between the rooms. Rusty's room was on the northeast corner of the house
which overlooked the shallow end of the pool and the spa. Nancy's room was
at the northwest corner and looked out over the deep end of the pool with
diving board and slide. The two bedrooms and the bathroom in between took
up the entire north half of the upstairs. Across the hall sexy nude lolita models were Steve's
home office and a large recreation room.The kids each had nice double beds, with all the furniture one could expect
in such a home - a desk for studying, dressers, walk-in closets, etc. The
bathroom had a shower/tub with a newly developed water shade which pulled
down from a roller very similar to preteen models lolita portal old fashioned window blinds.Being made from a new clear polymer material, it was extremely flexible and
yet surprisingly durable.Unlike most clear glass or plastic shower curtains and doors, this material
didn't fog up when the shower was running, and it resisted staining by
water and soap. Therefore, it was almost as clear as the day it was
installed.The bathroom was large enough for two sinks and plenty of counter space
with a large mirror that ran from wall to wall over the sinks. The design
of this room had already proven itself extremely useful for two growing and
active youngsters even though they were just entering their teens.Since the bedrooms shared the bath, there was a door to each room which
could be locked from the inside.The doors themselves were left over from previous owners who had tried to
make the bathroom antique looking. underage loli hard sites Although the doors had modern day
locks, the panel around the door knobs had been made to look old fashioned,
complete with large keyholes for old time skeleton keys. While everything
else about the bathroom had been modernized, the doors had yet to be
replaced. This would prove eventful as the children entered puberty. Of
course, since the kids were very young when the house was bought, there was
an emergency key stored on the door frame over each door.Rusty and Nancy were always careful to keep the door to their sibling's
room locked when they needed their privacy. Both of these doors swung open
away from the tub/shower and towards the sinks.Behind Rusty's lola luv megan good door was a linen closet, and across from that closet, at the
end of the shower, was another closet through which one could get to the
water and drain pipes of the tub. The only unusual aspect of this room was
the fact that the commode had been placed at the end of the sink and behind
the door from Nancy's room.Steve and Janet were both attractive young parents. They had married as
soon as they graduated from college and Rusty and Nancy had been born just
two years after that. So as the kids entered their teen years, their
parents were just past their mid-30's. The entire family was active at the
health club in spite of the fact that they had their own pool, and their
best friends had a tennis court. Rusty was in the band and scouting, while
Nancy was into orchestra and cheer-leading.While neither child would be described as beautiful, they were very good
looking. But they didn't act as if it made any difference. While Rusty
was slender and definitely not the competitive athlete, he could frequently
be seen using an isometric bar to keep his arm, stomach and leg muscles in
shape.Nancy took after her Mom. She had sandy brown hair, a trim figure which
had long ago given up its baby fat, and it seemed she would be one of those
women who would always look good in a two piece bathing pre teen tgp loli suit - just as her
Mom did, even into her late 30's and beyond.Bob and Ann Brown had a lot in common with the Riggle's - probably the
reason they were best friends. They were the same age, also had fraternal
twins, Rex and Brigitte, who were the same age as Rusty and Nancy, lived on
the two acre lot next to the Riggle's, and had a tennis court out back.
Many times the two families would get together for tennis at the Browns and
then go over to the Riggle's for swimming and cookouts.The Brown's liked the Riggle's home so much that when they were ready to
build, they followed the same basic floor plan. Their bedroom was
downstairs at the southeast pre teen tgp loli corner under the recreation room. The living
and dining rooms were at the west side with the kitchen at the center on
the north side. The stairs to the second floor ascended straight off of
the central foyer and opened into the center of the hallway which ran the
east - west length of the upstairs separating the kids' bedrooms and
bathroom from the rec room which was across from Rex's bedroom and Ann's
sewing room which was across the hall from Brigitte's bedroom.The kids' bathroom was similar to the naughty nude lolitas pics Riggle's kids' bathroom. There was a
door from each bedroom but they opened facing the sink and mirror with
their backs to the shower & tub enclosure.The maker of the polymer shower drape was a mutual client of Bob and Steve,
so this bathroom had the same clear, anti-fogging, stain resistant
pull-down curtain. Of course, being a home designed along more
contemporary styles, the bathroom doors did not have the large keyholes
that were in the Riggle's house. However, the wall above the double sink
counter was a fully mirrored surface, and there were mirrors on each of the
doors. The sinks were directly across from the tub and shower enclosure,
and the commode was nestled at the end of the sink counter nearest
Brigitte's room.The linen closet was at the end of the tub nearest Rex's room with the same
access to the tub's plumbing as in the Riggle's home.The Brown's were also active at the same health club as Steve and Janet,
and the two families often car pooled to the facilities. Each family had
vans which allowed them to travel together in moderate comfort. The back
area was a little crowded when the children were all younger, but as they
had grown up, they had become such close friends that there were never any
arguments now days. Each van had a back seat which could be laid down to
form a bed large enough for four close friends to use.The Browns were even similar in build to the Riggles, slim, attractive, in
good shape physically and emotion-ally. Both sets of adults were good
parents who had tried to instill good moral values in their children
without burdening them with guilt trips. Each realized that the sense of
personal freedom they tried to grant to their children carried some risks
as the kids entered puberty, but until something disturbing happened, each
was willing to holds the reins rather loosely.Brigitte and Rex had just as much in common with their friends, Nancy and
Rusty, as their parents did with the Riggle's. Brigitte was a little more
blond than Nancy, but otherwise they could have been sisters as to body
style and shape. They were each starting to fill out their bathing suits
in ways that attracted attention, but each carried themselves with
confidence and self-respect.Rex was a lot like Rusty. He might have been a few pounds heavier, but
other than that, the two boys were just as similar as their sisters were.
Of course, one could expect this since each were fraternal twins.The two sets of youngsters always seemed to be together, whether they were
at school, church, scouting, shopping, playing or at home. Rusty and Rex
could always be found together, and Nancy and Brigitte were just as
inseparable. While in grade school, the four of them had enjoyed playing
games together without a lot of sibling rivalry. Now, as they entered
their teens, they seemed to pair off more. Rusty and Rex spent more time
in one of their rooms talking sports, space, and Star Trek, while Brigitte
and Nancy usually could be found in one of their rooms practicing their
cheerleading, listening to music, and talking 'girl talk.' In fact, this
paring up had provided opportunities for them to compare the changes that
were taking place in their bodies as they entered puberty. The fact of the
matter was, that Rusty and Rex had been experimenting with one another as
had Nancy and Brigitte for almost two years - since lolittas boys lover cp they turned eleven.
Rex and Rusty frequently looked for opportunities where they could be alone
so they could remove their pants and underwear and compare penises. They
each enjoyed watching the other's penis grow from soft and limp to hard and
rigid just as much as watching their own. For these two years,
masturbation was not part of their play time. Neither knew what it was or
how to do it, and at that age they weren't driven by strong sexual desires.
They just knew it felt good to have their penis rubbed by the hands of the
other and it was just as much fun to play with each other's genitals. But
as puberty drew them into their teens, they began to observe with new
interest the hair that started to sprout around their balls and penis.And the feelings they had when they played with themselves and with each
other began getting stronger and stronger. Just naughty nude lolitas pics
recently they had begun
masturbating when they were at home alone, and this led to "doing it"
together. Each was fascinated by watching the other's hand move rapidly up
and down on his cock, and they each enjoyed being watched at the same time.
And while they had just started having those shaky, intense feelings that
told them they were done, ejaculations were an unknown phenomenon to them.Just recently, Nancy and Brigitte had begun exploring their own and each
other's bodies as well. As younger girls, they had not had much interest
in their own nakedness much less in each other's. While they both enjoyed
being naked, and found frequent opportunities to shed their clothes and
enjoy being free spirits, neither had shown any real interest in body
parts. However, with the onset of puberty, things had changed. As they
became more aware of their own breasts developing and watched with growing
fascination the downy fuzz that had begun to sprout between their legs,
they also began to notice these same developments in one another.As their youthful sexuality began to develop, they found that they now had
different reasons to be naked with one another. They began comparing
breasts and pubic regions. Comparisons had gone from just looking to
touching. By touching themselves when they bathed or lay in bed at night,
they soon wondered home lolitas nude bbs what it would feel like to touch the other. The showers
they used to take at home after cheerleader practice had become
opportunities for exploration. Tentative touches of finger tips to nipples
soon went to cupping and rubbing each others breasts lola luv megan good
and watching their
nipples grow hard. Then they progressed to rubbing each others pubic
region which led to their fingers exploring each other even more deeply.
They had quickly found that little button each had at the top of their
vaginal lips which gave them so much pleasure when they rubbed it with
their fingers.Soon they were fingering each other every chance they got and playing with
themselves in the bathtub and in bed. They often talked secretly about
whether or not their brothers were doing the same thing with each other,
but so far had not been able to find out.
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